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Sports vision is integral to high-efficiency sports performance. At Galleria Vision Center, Dr. Youngson Joe helps men and women living in or around Dallas, Texas perform their best through a series of training and tests. If you’re an athlete and looking to improve your practice, contact a team member at Galleria Vision Center today by phone or online to book an appointment.

Sports Vision

What is sports vision training?

Sports vision training refers to a series of tests that successfully improve your range of vision beyond the basic ability to distinguish shapes and read letters. Sports vision tests can significantly enhance any or all of the following:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Depth perception
  • Eye tracking abilities

What are common sports vision tests?

Dr. Joe can perform countless tests to improve your vision as an athlete. Some of the most common ones include:

Snellen Eye Chart

Similar to the vision test you receive during your annual eye exam, the Snellen eye chart tests your reading capacity by placing letters on a chart 20 feet away from you. Dr. Joe asks you to identify increasingly smaller letters.

Contrast Sensitivity Tests

Contrast sensitivity helps you distinguish light from dark.

Dr. Joe asks you to identify the orientation of parallel gray stripes against a gradually matching background. If you’re experiencing difficulty passing this test, Dr. Joe might prescribe tinted glasses to increase visibility.

Eye Tracking Devices

Eye tracking devices assess how well your eyes follow moving objects. You might be asked to follow various types of motion on a screen which force your eyes to move in a circular motion.  

Ocular Alignment Tests

Ocular alignment tests help Dr. Joe determine the harmonious alignment of your eyes. She’ll cover one eye to see how the other eye responds to a stimulus. Then, she’ll uncover both eyes to see how they react to the same stimulus.

Eye Dominance Tests

Dr. Joe asks you to focus on an object, closing one eye after the other to see which one maintains a stable view of the object at stake.  

How can you protect your eyes for better sports vision?

Eye protection is one of the most significant issues faced by athletes today, especially in high-risk sports.

Because sports-related eye injuries are most common when athletes don’t adequately protect their eyes, Dr. Joe makes a point of providing comprehensive information about effective protective measures.

Dr. Joe can prescribe various types of sunglasses to protect the eyes of athletes who primarily practice outdoor sports. Sunglasses can significantly improve your game and protect your eyes during extended periods of sun exposure.  

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