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If your eyes have unexpectedly changed from bright white to red, you might be experiencing red eye. At Galleria Vision Center in Dallas, Texas, Youngson Joe, OD is committed to providing immediate relief to men and women suffering from red eyes. Through a comprehensive diagnosis, Dr. Joe can determine whether you’re having a reaction to irritants or whether the redness is part of a more significant issue. Contact the office by phone or online today to learn more about the treatment of red eye.

Red Eye

What is red eye?

Having red eyes is a pervasive issue that can affect one or both eyes. When blood vessels on the surface of the eye expand– or dilate– because of irritation or infection, the white part of your eye starts to redden.

What causes red eye?

Red eye can be caused by a variety of irritations, infections, and diseases. The redness typically stems from the dilation of the blood cells between the sclera and the conjunctiva.

Environmental or lifestyle-related factors– such as airborne allergens, pollution, smoke, dry air, dust, or overexposure to sunlight– can induce swelling in these blood vessels and cause redness.

The most common causes of red eye are allergies, dryness, fatigue due to digital strain, contact lens overuse, or pink eye. However, red eye can also be a sign of severe diseases, like glaucoma, uveitis, or corneal ulcers.

You might also experience red eye following trauma, injury, or as a side effect of eye surgery like LASIK or other cosmetic procedures.

How do you treat red eye?

Dr. Joe recommends a series of at-home remedies in addition to doctor-prescribed solutions to alleviate your red eye symptoms.

While you wait for your appointment at Galleria Vision Center, it’s recommended that you apply a warm or cool compress around the affected eye to keep it at a stable temperature. Compresses will increase blood flow in the eye, create lubrication, and relieve swelling and itchiness. You might also consider over-the-counter artificial tears to keep your eye hydrated and avoid dryness.

In most cases, however, Dr. Joe will prescribe eye drops or medication to treat your symptoms.

When should you see a doctor?

While red eye can at first seem like an issue that doesn't require medical attention, it’s important to realize that your symptoms can drastically and quickly worsen, leading to any of the following:

  • Loss of vision
  • Severe pain
  • Redness related to head trauma
  • Chemical injury
  • Redness related to eye surgery

You should contact Galleria Vision Center immediately if you experience any of the above symptoms, as this could mean that your red eye is related to a more significant, dangerous condition. Additionally, you should call Dr. Joe if you have a known history of red eye and pain.

Red eye should not be left untreated. Not only is it unpleasant, but it’s also potentially dangerous for the overall health of your eyes. Go online or call the office today to book an appointment with Dr. Joe.