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Pink eye is an extremely contagious infection that can lead to severe discomfort and pain. At Galleria Vision Center, Dr. Youngson Joe is committed to providing men and women living in or around Dallas, Texas with the most comprehensive conjunctivitis treatments and diagnoses. This helps reduce the chances of spreading pink eye to others and neutralizes symptoms expediently. Call or go online today to book an appointment.

Pink Eye

What is pink eye?

Pink eye refers to contagious inflammation of the clear, thin white part of the eye and of the inside of the eyelids (conjunctiva). When there’s inflammation in the conjunctiva, the blood vessels within it start to dilate, causing red or bloodshot eyes.

What causes pink eye?

There are multiple causes of pink eye, though each one leads to a specific type of conjunctivitis. The three leading causes of pink eye virus, bacteria, and allergies include:

Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis

More often than not, pink eye is caused by a virus or bacteria. In some cases, pink eye emerges as a result of a cold or respiratory infection, like a sore throat.

Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis are incredibly contagious, spreading through direct or indirect contact with the liquid in the infected person’s eye. When affected, your eye drains this liquid out, putting everyone around you at risk.  

Allergic conjunctivitis

Pink eye is also caused by reactions to allergens in your environment, such as pollen or pet dander.

As a way of protecting itself, your body produces antibodies called immunoglobulin, which in turn secretes mast cells in the mucous lining of the eye to release inflammatory substances — like histamine. This substance can cause allergic reactions like redness or, in this case, pink eye.

Thankfully, allergic conjunctivitis occurs as a result of a known allergen, making it easier to identify the best-localized treatment option to relieve your symptoms. This typically involves allergy eye drops or medication.

You might also contract pink eye as a result of a chemical splash or a foreign object in the eye. In newborns, a blocked tear duct can cause a conjunctival irritation as well.  

What are the symptoms of pink eye?

The most common symptoms of pink eye include:

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Grittiness
  • Crust-inducing discharges
  • Tearing

How do you treat pink eye?

Depending on your symptoms, Dr. Joe works closely with you to treat your pink eye. She might recommend artificial tears or cold/warm compresses to clean out your eyelids and moisturize your eyes. You should stop wearing contact lenses until your conjunctivitis has dissipated.

In most cases, viral conjunctivitis will run its course over several days with no medical intervention needed. Bacterial conjunctivitis is generally treated with antibiotic eye drops or ointment to fight off the bacteria.

If you’re suffering from allergic conjunctivitis, Dr. Joe might recommend antihistamines or other allergy medication to keep your symptoms at bay. Call or go online today to book an appointment with Galleria Vision Center.